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Company Profile


Since our inception in 1992, Leslie Jones & Associates continues to pursue the projects with the highest complexity and potential for innovative solutions. Seeking challenges within the industry inspires our firm, and we excel in defining problems and creating timeless solutions, which can be seen throughout our portfolio. Based in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, the focus of LJAI is primarily in high end residential projects but has expanded to include commercial interiors as well.

Our firm recognizes the importance of collaborative relationships within the design community. LJAI begins each project as a collaborative process, each approached differently, taking into consideration the needs and interests of individual clients. The consistent goal is to achieve a sense of harmony and order for each interior by effectively blending various, unique elements from a diverse range of sources. We integrate interior design with artistic interventions, including craft, art commissions, custom furniture, and unique objects. We are committed in supporting the local community, while continuously sourcing new vendor relationships on a global scale. The firm’s work has been widely published and the recipient of many ASID and AIA awards.

LJAI demonstrates an adeptness in quality and innovative design that transcends time. We strive to invent new solutions for each project, culminating in a one-of-a-kind space that reflects the individuality of the client.